Should You Do Your Own Pest Control?

Should You Do Your Own Pest Control?

Many types of pests threaten our homes, landscapes, and gardens. Everyone understands that these issues must be addressed, and one common solution many people try is do-it-yourself pest control. If we can do our own painting and our own car repair, why can’t we do our own pest control? While there are certain pests that you can manage on your own, most require the help of professionals. Here are some reasons why you  do it yourself pest control greenville scwill be better off to use Greenville’s trusted pest control service.

Proper Pest Identification

To the untrained eye, many insect problems are tough to diagnose. You may be seeing one type of pest when the actual problem is another pest. It can also be tough to tell the difference between similar insects, such as flying termites and ants. Because insect control products are specifically targeted to a certain species or group of species, an incorrect identification can lead to failed treatment that contaminates your home and wastes your money and time.

The key to our success as Greenville’s reliable pest extermination service is our training and skill. Our technicians will correctly identify your problem pest so that we can provide the treatment necessary to get the best possible control. We’ll put our experience to work for you to avoid expensive and frustrating mistakes.

More Effective Products

Pesticides are grouped into two major categories: those that are available to the general public (known as general use pesticides) and those that can only be bought and used by trained applicators (known as restristed use pesticides). Products sold for general use are less powerful and less targeted than the specialized products. This is to make sure that an untrained person is less likely to apply the product incorrectly.

Treatment of tough pests like bed bugs calls for products that are much stronger than those store-bought formulas. Our Greenville pest control service is staffed by highly-trained personnel who are allowed to purchase and apply these targeted products so that you get a much better outcome than you could ever achieve with pesticides you buy yourself. We understand the hazards associated with the products, and we’re trained to handle them responsibly so that our customers and our workers are always safe.

Better Targeting of Applications

Good pesticide application is also about placing the product where it needs to go. Many pests are easy to see out in the open. In those cases, you might do fairly well treating a small infestation yourself. Temporary outbreaks of ants are a good example because you typically know where the ants came from and where they are going. It’s fairly easy to put the product where it needs to be.

Larger problems like red ant control or management of cockroaches will take more precise work from the best pest control company in Greenville SC. When we come to your home to make a pest control treatment, we’ll bring specialized equipment for placing products in the areas where they’re needed most. We understand where your particular pest problem is rooted, and we can get access to even the most difficult areas to get control of your infestation safely and effectively. You can waste a lot of pesticides in misdirected applications and still not get control, putting your family at risk and wasting a lot of money without ever getting control.

Service After Treatment

We’re all living busy lives, and it’s tough to keep up with all the home maintenance tasks we have to do. Pest control is not something you do one time and forget about. Most pests have a bad habit of returning, even after professional treatment, so it takes regular inspections and treatment to make sure that problems don’t come back. To detect the smallest signs that your pest may be coming back–or that it was never gone to begin with–it takes a lot more time and attention than most homeowners can commit.

With a busy calendar, you don’t have time to inspect and treat on a regular basis. You just want to be able to enjoy an evening outdoors without being pestered by mosquitos. As the top pest control company in Greenville SC, we’re committed to working with our customers for the long haul. We’ll keep up with your treatment and inspection schedule so that you don’t have to.

Personal Safety

Most pest control is much more dangerous than just swatting a housefly. Pests usually nest in areas that are difficult or dangerous to reach. Even something like wasp nest removal can be treacherous for a homeowner who lacks the equipment, skills, and experience to deal with the problem safely. It’s just not worth it to risk falling from a ladder or being swarmed by angry stinging insects.

The products used in DIY pest control can be dangerous as well. They can be toxic to people and pets, making them a serious storage hazard. You might also accidentally get the spray in your eyes, nose, or mouth while applying it. Even contact with your skin can be dangerous.

It’s not necessary to put your family and pets in danger. We use professional-grade protective equipment, sturdy ladders, and appropriate handling techniques so that we can safely attack your pest problem without any danger to you or your family.

When you’re ready to get help from an exterminator near Greenville SC, we’re here to help. Sargent Pest Solutions has everything it takes to get control of your pest problems–the people, the knowledge, the products, and the equipment. Don’t waste another day or another dollar trying to deal with your own pest problems. Contact us at (864) 915-5555 to get a permanent solution.

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