How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in the Greenville SC Area

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in the Greenville SC Area

Bed bugs can become a major problem in any home. While some people assume it is a hygiene issue, they can actually infest multiple kinds of environments. To best handle them in an efficient and timely manner, hiring a pest control company in Greenville SC is recommended.

How Do You Know If You Have Bed Bugs?

These types of bugs are not restricted to the mattress. Many bedbugs can enter the home through luggage, couches and clothing. Because they have flat bodies that are small enough to fit into multiple hiding spots, they can easily enter a house or apartment.

Bedbugs are small insects, but what makes them unique is their shallow exterior. These flat bugs are approximately the size of an apple seed before they eat. Many people identify these bugs because of their quantity. Bedbugs can move quite quickly and since they can lay hundreds of eggs, they can cover a vast amount of territory.

The Consequences of an Infestation

Bedbugs can quickly turn into an infestation if not properly taken care of. Some of the possible side effects to a bedbug infestation include:

-skin bites

-allergic reactions





The signs of an infestation include itchy skin upon waking, blood stains, egg shells or a musty odor. Bedbugs can come from used mattresses. If your mattress is secondhand, this could be the cause for these insects. Checking the entire bed including sheets, box spring and pillows is recommended when identifying an infestation.

Pest Control

The best way to get rid of bedbugs is to use a pest control service specifically for bed bug treatment. A bed bug exterminator can get rid of these bugs with a multi-step process so that they do not return.  A bed bug removal company will first inspect the area. By assessing the scope of the infestation, they can better understand what needs to be done and the best time frame to do it in. A pest control professional will first determine where the infestation is coming from and how large it is.  Even if a bedbug infestation has not spread to other areas of the house, calling a professional is recommended. The earlier the extermination process can begin, the less likely female bedbugs can lay future eggs. Catching a bedbug infestation early can save time and money for the residents.

Customized Treatments

Treatments for bed insects include steaming, heat chambers, chemical application and sealing methods. The inspection can help determine which type of treatment best fits the situation. For infested furniture, steaming is a popular option. For infestations that require an advanced technique, a portable heat chamber can be used to isolate each heated treatment.  Mattress encasements and crack and crevice injections are also a common treatment. Encasing the mattress and box springs with a tight, zippered cover can keep bedbugs from escaping or entering the bed. Covering should be kept on for approximately a year to exterminate all the bugs inside.

Chemical application is frequently thought of as the “go-to” for insect termination. Unlike previous decades, EPA-approved pesticides can now be deployed for tough bug infestations. Depending on the pesticide, certain bugs may benefit from this more than others. To use strong pesticide chemicals, a professional must be trained and certified.  Customized treatments are designed to provide quality service while respecting your budget. By first inspecting the home, the bug infestation can be accurately assessed. While some bugs are easily identifiable, there can be additional bugs in other parts of the home or furniture. A trained professional can accurately check the home for all bedbugs.

Getting Rid of an Infestation Without Professional Help

There are online forums that suggest various methods to kill bedbugs. While individual bedbugs can be killed without a professional, this can be deceiving. Bedbug infestations involve exterminating more than just one bug and chances are, if there’s one bug – there are others.  Essential oils or rubbing alcohol is not what an exterminator uses to get rid of pests. Since bedbugs frequently hide in corners and crevices that are hard to get to, trained professionals are certified to treat the infested area with chemicals or heat.

Bedbugs can lay hundreds of eggs. This means that even if one bedbug is missed, an entire infestation can occur. Trying to exterminate these bugs by yourself can create a future infestation problem if it is not handled quickly enough. Delaying an exterminator from treating the home is not recommended.


Once bedbugs have been exterminated from the home, the prevention process can start. By keeping a home clean and paying attention to potential infestations, prevention can be made easier. Large apartment buildings that share ventilation systems or multi-family condominiums that share wall or ceiling space can be more susceptible to infestations. If you suspect you have an infestation or that your neighbors may have an infestation, tell them as soon as you can. Getting rid of bedbugs at the earliest stage possible can prevent the infestation from getting worse.  Preventing bedbugs from entering the home can be done with a little forethought. Traveling in unknown places or staying in hotel rooms can increase the likelihood for spreading bedbugs.

While sleeping abroad, keep the following precautions in mind:

-Read the reviews. Before staying in a motel, check their reviews online. Even expensive hotels can have issues with bedbugs.

-Check the mattress first. Before sleeping away from home, check the mattress and headboard for possible bedbugs. If you do not see any on the mattress or headboard, then you can check the sheets and pillows.

-Hang clothing in the closet. Rather than use a dresser with drawers that can lock insects inside, use clothes hangers in the closet. Hanging clothes on a hanger can decrease the possibility for contracting bedbugs.


To successfully exterminate bedbugs from a home or piece of furniture, calling the right professional is key. An insect control company should train and certify all their technicians to ensure proper extermination. A Greenville SC area exterminator service can assess the infestation damage and come up with an individualized plan for bedbug control.  Be sure to call Sargent Pest Solutions, Greenville’s trusted pest control service today at 864-915-5555 to discuss how we can help you with any of your bed bug infestation questions.








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