Fall Pest Control Tips

Tips for Keeping Pests at Bay During Fall

It’s that time again; when the leaves start to fall and the evening temperatures turn cooler. This is the time of year when pests such as mice, spiders, and cockroaches look for a spot to make a home for the winter.

Rodents chew holes in insulation, leave their dropping everywhere, and carry diseases that can make you and your family sick. They can squeeze into the tiniest of spaces which is why it is important to patch holes and cracks to keep them out.

Another common household pest is the cockroach. It is a myth that you will only get cockroaches if you don’t keep a clean house. They can find the smallest speck of food the size of a grain of salt on a kitchen counter or floor. They can also subsist by eating non-food items which is how they survive when there is no food available. This is also why they are so hard to get rid of.

What can you do to make sure these pests stay out of your house this fall? You can call for Greenville SC area exterminator service. Follow these tips to make your home less desirable to pests and the exterminator will do the rest.

  1. Seal Up Cracks

Cracks can give small insects access to your home. Door sweeps help to keep crawling pests from getting under doors. Check for gaps around window frames and seal cracks with silicone. You want your home to be like Fort Knox so look for tears in screens, holes under baseboards, and pipes coming into the wall from outside. Stuff steel wool into the spaces around utility pipes where they enter the house. Steel wool has extremely tough fibers making it one of the few items mice can’t chew through.

  1. Keep Everything Squeaky Clean

Keeping a clean house is an important step in pest control. Food crumbs left on counters or floors can attract bugs and the smallest particles will feed them for days. Wiping counters down daily will keep food crumbs from attracting ants and other pests. Sweep floors, vacuum carpets, and take out the trash regularly. Keep pet food containers tightly closed because rodents will eat it.

  1. Clean Your Yard

Rake up fallen leaves and mow the grass to keep your yard clean. Shrubs and tree branches should be neatly trimmed and not close to the sides or roof of your house. If you use firewood for heat, make sure to keep it several feet from the house. Firewood stored on the ground attracts termites, centipedes, and cockroaches so make sure to keep it up off the ground. Rodents, including squirrels, can climb and anything near the home makes it easy for them to gain access to the roof or chimney.

  1. Dry Up Water Sources

Mosquitoes lay eggs in standing water such as kiddie pools, planters, and puddles. Dry and put away any children’s toys that hold water. If you have leaky faucets outside they should be fixed and the water turned off. Insects are attracted to moisture and damp environments like basements and crawl spaces so they should be kept dry and properly ventilated.

  1. Keep Trash in Cans With Lids

Rodents are attracted to trash so keeping a trash can near the back door is an open invitation for mice to come in and make themselves comfortable. Trash cans should have lids and be kept away from the entryways like the front or back door. Mice often get inside when the homeowner’s children leave doors open. To prevent this from happening make sure doors are tightly closed.

  1. Be Carefule Not to Bring Pests Inside

Small pests like cockroaches and spiders get in by hitching a ride in clothing bags or other items stored in the garage. Whenever you buy used furniture from a yard sale always inspect it for any holes or tears that vermin can hide in. Pests can travel from house to house this way.

  1. Call for Pest Control Service

Call a Greenville SC pest control company to evaluate your home and design a prevention plan to keep pests away. The exterminator can give your home a through check for areas that need extra coverage.

Don’t lose sleep over the possibility of pests getting into your house. Follow the tips above and call an exterminator to tackle the problem head-on. If you need a qualified pest control company in Greenville SC, contact us at Sargent Pest Solutions. Call (864) 915-5555 or visit for a free estimate.

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